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Mastectomy and 3-D Nipple Tattoos

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Woman who have had mastectomies have different opinions about nipple tattoos. Some don't mind having a nipple or areola, while others do. This is personal decision that should be taken seriously.

At Imagine you new in St. Petersburg Florida, we recommend going through all your options before a final decision is made.

3d areola tattooing is much less invasive than breast reconstruction surgery. Imagine you New in St Petersburg Florida offers 3-d tattoo, along with nipple pigmentation and areola correction which help restore the shape and color. We also offer a scar camouflage treatment for the breast which is sometimes called a breast scar treatment.

What is 3-D Nipple Tattoo?

The tattoo appears 3d with a protruding nipple that looks real and a realistic areola. These tattoos are high quality 3-d and stunningly gorgeous.

Bianca at Imagine you new in St. Petersburg Florida creates the realistic 3d nipple tattoo using shading techniques, different tattoo needles and techniques. These artistic skills can assure you will have a stunning new pair of 3-d nipple, areola tattoos. You will feel confident in your breasts again. She can create your nipples how they used to look or we can be adventurous and recreate them. Either way, we will make them pop and make them look real! The form of permanent makeup uses inks and pigments to create gorgeous nipples and areolas.

What is Nipple Tattooing vs Nipple Pigmentation?

Nipple pigmentation and nipple tattoos are basically the same and improve the nipples using the 3d look to create the realistic areola and nipple for people who have had breast surgery.

Nipple tattooing will make the breast look natural. It is a semi- permanent makeup procedure often used instead of having nipple reconstruction surgery.

At Imagine You New in St. Petersburg Florida we have a private comfortable facility to get your 3d areola tattoos done by a tattoo artist. Our environment is peaceful and in a spa. We don't have multiple clients in there at a time, so our attention if fully on you.

If you'd like a consultation, fee free to give us a call.

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