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Policies Day Spa Etiquette St. Petersburg

Spa Etiquette

Stress reduction is a major contributor to good health, and Imagine You New is here to help you relax. Our treatments are designed to ease what ails you while performing innovative treatments and guide you to optimal comfort and well-being. Home care programs and products are also available. Please review our center policies below.

Privacy and quiet

Imagine You new is dedicated to maintaining an environment of peace and tranquility. Please help us by respecting our atmosphere of privacy and quiet.

Treatment Reservations and Cancellations

For maximum convenience and flexibility, we recommend that you schedule your treatments in advance. Because we are committed to clients at their scheduled appointment time we recommend booking using our online scheduling system, email or text message. We are on the phones between appointments and will return your phone call as soon as we get the message. We reserve your treatment time especially for you. We ask that you give us forty eight hours advance notice should you need to change or cancel your appointment. No-shows and guests who cancel fewer than  48 hours before a scheduled appointment time will be charged a Full price of the original amount of the service 

If no show no call more than once, we will no longer service you.


We suggest that you arrive at your scheduled appointment time, we will provide you with sufficient time to change and make use of our beautiful facility. There is a doorbell on the door that you can ring when you arrive. Please be patient we will come and get you at the door.


Kindly inform us of any special or medical needs that require additional attention. If you are pregnant, or have specific medical conditions, some treatments are not recommended. If you are unsure, just ask.


Please remove any jewelry and other valuables prior to your treatment.

Refunds and Returns

There are no refunds provided on services, gift certificates and special priced packages. The value paid for any prepaid gift certificate or special priced package will always be honored. If there is a concern about a service performed, we will attend to it immediately.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for purchase at our center.

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