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3D Areola Tattoo in St. Petersburg - Imagine You New
3D Areola Tattoo in St. Petersburg - Imagine You New
Areola 3d nipple Tattoo by Bianca
Both photos with full nipple protrusion recreated on skin.


3D Areola Tattoo in St. Petersburg - Imagine You New

Areola nipple tattooing or sometimes called 3d nipple tattoos,  is a procedure many women may want to turn to after reconstructive breast surgery.  The nipple tattoo is 3d and looks realistic.

There are many techniques involved in the breast tattoo and the areola tattoo. There is micro shading, tattooing and areola microblading.  The patients skin tone will play a big role in the colors chosen. The different layers of skin and colors for blending, shadowing and contouring and highlighting the nipple and areola area.

This will give the areola area a very natural look.

After woman have their mastectomies or reconstructive breast surgeries they may be left with scars.  Some may choose to have an image micro pigmented over the scar or a tattoo design.  

Many woman have been wanting heart shaped areola or heart shaped nipples tattoo.

nipple graft surgeries

The heart areola tattoo, heart shaped nipples, has become very popular in the last couple years.








They may want to put something meaningful on there after the breast reconstruction.

Some women want a heart shaped areola, or sometimes called heart nipple tattoos, others 

want an areola that looks like their original. The shape of a heart tattoo is popular it just depends on your preference.

Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy requires healing time.

Cosmetic surgeons say plastic and reconstructive surgery is a lot to go through, so we advise are clients to take their time with all their decisions and ask as many questions as needed.  

A note to survivors about scars, they will need some time to heal and can take up to a year or even 18 months.

After the cosmetic surgery, the scar tissue can be very sensitive and everyone heals at different stages, it all depends on how their body responds to healing. 

 Undamaged skin tissues are not as sensitive to the breast cancer tattoo. plastic surgeon condemns tattoo ideas.


What to expect during nipple tattooing


After getting a new breast, by a board certified plastic surgeon,  general surgery patients want to have the nipple and areola added to the breast. 

Even months before actually having the reconstruction surgery done or and body modification procedures. Many women want to start thinking about how they want the breast area to look, and look at different nipple shapes.

 All of this can be discussed with your experienced tattoo artist and plastic surgeon..

You can even set up a time after the plastic surgery while scars are still healing to do a mapping of the breast  area, so you know where the body art tattoo will go.

Here you can also discuss your vision and desired results.

You may even want to bring in pictures of different shading techniques and colors with you to your consultation.

During treatment, the tattoo artist will measure and outline the nipple area. Then, she will embed organic pigment beneath the skin to create a natural, permanent and beautiful nipple and areola. This is not like not like getting a regular tattoo, heart tattoos, and nipples is relatively safe. doctors will remove the outer lay of the procedure citing.













What are the risks of nipple and areola enchantment tattoos

The side effects can include,  infection, allergic reaction, or keloid formations. 

The  esthetician will go through all the ways to take care of your skin after the treatment.

Products with retinol or other acids such as glycolic or lactic can cause the tattooing to fade. 

Many women who are  fair skinned may have a lot of fading in the pigments.  

They  may need to come for a touch up much sooner. Remove the outer layer


Areola Re- coloration-


Having lost or lightened areolas can be understandably damaging to your self-image. We can help you craft your perfect areola here at Anderson Aesthetics!



  • undergone breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy.

  • visible scarring after a lumpectomy.

  • lightened coloration after breastfeeding or menopause.

  • always wanted darker areolas for cosmetic reasons.

Repigmentation is completed over the course of two sessions that must be spaced 4-6 weeks apart for best results. You’ll come back for touch-ups every 2-3 years in order to maintain the desired coloration levels.

Ready to see if areola pigmenting is right for you? Schedule a consult

Here at Imagine you New we take breast cancer awareness seriously and want to be there for you during your journey.

We also offer one free session to one individual per month for anyone who might be facing financial difficulties. 

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Heart shaped Areola Tattooing

3D Areola Tattoo in St. Petersburg - Imagine You New
Full areola and protruding nipple tattoo.
3d areola tattoo protruding nipple
3D Areola Tattoo in St. Petersburg - Imagine You New

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