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Restore Confidence With 3D Areola Tattoo Imagine You New 

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Best 3d areola nipple tattoos Tampa St Petersburg

An areola tattoo or 3d areola is a medical tattoo procedure for breast cancer survivors.

The tattooing process involves nipple shading techniques with tattoo ink that blend nicely with your natural skin tone .

This creates 3d nipple tattoos and natural nipples with permanent makeup. 3d nipple and areola can also add color and dimension to a reconstructed nipple, or scarred tissue. All procedures are done by our nipple tattoo specialist.

Some woman had a nipple sparing mastectomy during the reconstructive process or nipple reconstruction surgery. If this is the case, most times the nipple still needs a 3d areola tattoo effect because the nipple has no protrusion.

Therefore, a realistic nipple tattoo will be the best solution during the healing process to feel confident.

Female Nipple Tattoos







































































Nipple tattoos for females include Areola restoration. The service fills in color lost on the areola.

3d nipple areola tattooing is a top service here at imagine you new.

We will consult with you and discuss the size, color and look go through nipple tattoo pictures and have follow up sessions if needed. I take my time with the nipple tattoo color and putting the tattoos on nipples. The areola restoration tattoo will come out beautiful. nipple tattoo artist near me

I use a topical anesthetic for the breast nipple tattoo. This will make sure you are properly numb if you have not lost feeling in the breast. And the environment is private, comfortable and peaceful.

I want to make sure you're as comfortable as possible during the 3d medical tattoo procedure.

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Three d nipple tattoos


The best use of a nipple tattoo is for someone who has had reconstructive breast surgery. Some woman come to me who've had necrosis from a surgery, and lost their nipples and areolas. Nipple tattoos for women are the best answer for woman who have scarring around the areola and have lost color too. This can happen after a breast implant surgery or breast lift.

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