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3d nipple tattoo Story

Kayla's first 3d areola tattoo Experience

1/2019 full double mastectomy with expanders after breast cancer diagnosis.


5/2019 removed expanders and swapped with implants


10/2020 Lat flap reconstruction with new implants and scar tissue excision- All with new surgeon in Tampa to revise botched job from before


1/2021 tissue harvested from body to create nipples and areolas



4/2021 had fat grafting to fill in some little dimples that are common after mastectomy , and new implant placed to better fit my body shape.


5/2022 had more fat grafting because it’s normal for your body to metabolize some of it and had nerve removal done which is common after flap reconstruction


1/2024 last round of fat grafting !! Revised some little areas to fill in gaps with the fat using a new technique that has a better retention rate

Kayla's Surgery history

The initial session aimed to camouflage the scar surrounding the areola, enhance the pigmentation, and sculpt a more pronounced nipple. Once healed, the area is expected to adopt a softer pink hue. Before and right after the procedure. Not Healed.

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