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Esthetician Skin Care Specialist Near me St. Petersburg Imagine You New

best aesthetician near me

facial hair or in the brows
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skin cancer, dermal filler, skin care specialists, conveniently located

skin cancer, skin care specialist, conveniently located derma filler

















Credentials- Services Include

Esthetician near me

state require


State Board Certified Aesthetician

Licensed Nail Technician

Licensed Department of business and professional regulations

Member of the Esthetics Association

Member of the Permanent Makeup Society

Member of the Spa Industry Association

Licensed Body Wrapper DBPR

Esthetician Licensed or Facial Specialist license 20 plus yrs

Department of Health Tattoo Establishment License

Tattoo Establishment license Florida

Tattoo license Florida , Master Training

Compliant with all DOH requirements with regular inspections

Biomedical Waste Practices

Bloodborne Pathogen course completed

Department of Health Tattoo License/Tattoo Artist

DBPR Establishment License

3d areola nipple tattooing certified by 4 schools 

Hyaluron Pen Training with Everyoung out of Germany

Lip Blushing certified with Scalpa

Scar Camouflage Certified

Certified in 3d belly button tattoos

Lip blushing certified  

Microblading Certified 

3d brow certified Sleek line brows

Ultrasonic Cavitation Certified with Esthetics Association

Mlis Body Contouring Certified

Dermaplaning Certified with Esthetics Association

Lash Lift Certified

Brow Lamination Certified

Camouflaging stretch mark Certified

Tattoo Saline Removal Certified by sleek line brows

Microneedling Certified with Esthetics Association

Chemical Peels Certified with Dermaquest Skin Therapy

Microdermabrasion Certified With Esthetics Association

Master body and Brazilian Hair removal

Advance make-up Training Don Cesar hotel and spa ( wedding makeup artist)




Medical Esthetician-

Hi! Welcome to Imagine You New.

The services I provide clients with, gives them confidence.

I have a wonderful client base, and, I will keep learning techniques and new information.

I've been a leader in offering state of the art, cutting edge skin care treatments and innovative services to the St. Petersburg area, since 2004.

For decades I have been so dedicated to the beauty and spa industry.

It's allowed me to be creative and be self expressive,

which has led me to being a powerful force behind everything that I do.  


I named the business Imagine You New because I know that all of us can have thoughts in our heads that can create imagery, which creates our reality. What would it be like if things were different..... just imagine.

So wanting to change your appearance in some kind of way, only flows out of you, if you imagine yourself a different way. 

No matter how beautiful we look from the outside, it's what we can imagine in our brains that can truly exude the kind of beauty that's compelling.

medical tattoo artist


Bianca's unwavering passion and dedication to the beauty industry are apparent in her impressive resume spanning over decades. From her humble beginnings as a Nail Technician in Chicago in 2001, she has steadily worked her way up to becoming a licensed Esthetician in 2003. Driven by her love for skincare, Bianca's career took off as she worked at high-end spas and salons such as the renowned Mario Tricoci and Don Cesar spa, where she refined her skills in esthetics and makeup artistry.

Her clients' satisfaction fueled her enthusiasm for enhancing natural beauty, analyzing skin types to provide customized skincare solutions, and using makeup to create pieces of art on their faces. Her talent and expertise as an esthetician eventually inspired her to establish her own facial spa in Downtown Gulfport on Beach Blvd. Since then, Bianca has moved her business to 5029 central ave St. Petersburg Fl. 33710, where she continues to thrive and grow.


With years of experience in the beauty industry, Bianca possesses a keen eye for detail and a unique approach to her work. She is particularly passionate about permanent cosmetics and cosmetic tattooing, especially for clients who have scars, stretch marks, or have lost their areolas and nipples due to breast cancer. Bianca's meticulous and artistic nature allows her to create tattoos that look natural, blending seamlessly with the skin.


Bianca's unwavering commitment to the industry ensures that she stays up-to-date with the latest skincare trends and ingredients, which she carefully selects for her clients. Her exceptional skills and talent have earned her the loyalty and credibility of her clients. In addition to her regular services, Bianca specializes in scar camouflage tattoo and 3D areola tattoos for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery. Her ability to design areolas and nipples that look realistic is a testament to her artistry and dedication to making a difference in the lives of women.


Bianca's passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise led her to establish her school, Here, she teaches scar camouflage and areola tattooing to medical professionals, tattoo artists, and estheticians. Bianca's dedication to the industry is truly inspiring, and her work continues to make a difference in the lives of many.

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