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Lip Blush Tattoo Near Me

Lip Blushing Near you In St. Pete FL.

Lip blushing before and after

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Lip blush tattoo

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Tattoo Velvet Lips
Lip blushing near me 

Lip Blush Tattoo Near Me in Florida - Imagine You New


3 Hours


$ 650

How long does Lip Blushing Last- The idea of permanent and semi-permanent makeup may still be scary to some. At Imagine You New cosmetic tattooing is now so intricate and precise, the results range from subtle, realistic and natural to changing the lives of many. The treatment lasts 2 to 3 years and lips then fade to their natural hue.

There are many advancements in technology and technique, this is why lipstick and lip liner tattooing has gained popularity. 

The lips are a small delicate area, professional inking can help to add definition, enhance color and create symmetry. It also can save you from having to wear lipstick. The tattooing technique can look like lip balm, gloss, tint, color or stain depending on the artist and their training.

Lip tattooing Blushing St. Petersburg Imagine You new 

This semi- permanent makeup treatment in St. Petersburg fl is really popular because this form of lip tattooing will enhance the shape of the lips and give the lips color. It's not like traditional tattooing, since we use an acupuncture needle to push in the color.

It will also make the lips look more alive , but it's not like getting lip fillers or lip injections.

The color when finished looks like a matte and natural toned lipstick. Lip blushing delivers stunning results, with minimal side effects permanent lip color, permanent makeup lips


What Is Ombre Lip Blush/Lip Tattoo- Ombré Lip Blush is the perfect way to bring color & definition back to the lips. With a selection of colors to choose from, we can keep things super natural for your skin type, or add a little extra color to the lips, depending on what you prefer. Lip tattoo near me

How do I select the appropriate shade?

Your makeup artist will help you in selecting a color according to your skin type. We even have color shaded glosses you can try on that match our pigments, this can give you a clearer indication on what the color will look like with healed results. The colors can be customized to fit your undertone. If the lips are very cool, it may be a good idea to add orange before coloring over the natural lip color , so the cosmetic tattoo doesn't turn a strange color.

The initial color will be very dark when finished, but the healed results will be beautiful and soft  defining your color and shape, and look great on your skin tone. Some popular colors are rose, coco, red, creme, pink and nude. The color and shape will be determined before the process.


Does it hurt?

Pain is very minimal. A topical anesthetic , numbing cream is applied prior for 25 minutes, and during as often as needed. The lips heal quite fast when homecare is used properly.


Can I over-line the lips to create fullness?

Unfortunately, no. Lip Blushing should only be done in the natural line of the lips. Lip liner tattoos can be done, but not over your lip line. The texture of the skin above the lip is different. That area of skin has pores and hair, this will make the lips look uneven and the pigment will hold differently in that area. Your lips will look plump after the lip tattoo, but that's only because of irritation or swelling.

What’s the lip tattooing process like?

The initial process takes approximately three hours and costs around $650. Your permanent makeup artists, tattoo artist will first start by applying a medical-grade topical anesthetic to numb your lips for about 20 minutes. After the numbing agent is removed, the treatment begins first by tattooing the outline of your lips, then filling them in. The process can be uncomfortable for some, as your lips are a sensitive area, but once it’s over, your lips shouldn’t be sore. 

Do you need touch-ups? Depending on the treatment and lifestyle factors, lip tattooing can last anywhere from 1-3 years. The pigment will fade naturally and lighten over this time.  You may want a color boost in 8 to 12 months.

Am I a Candidate for Lip Blushing?

Who is a good candiate.

If you decide to get this form of cosmetic tattoo on your lips you should consult with a physician about the medications you take. Some medications such as fish oil can cause excess bleeding.

Unfortunately, lip blush tattooing is not a good fit for everyone. for  They may have something (such as symptom or condition) that makes this procedure inadvisable. The following is a list of contraindications for the lip blush treatment:

  • Under 18 years of age

  • Diabetes

  • Pregnant or lactating women

  • Glaucoma

  • Skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and undiagnosed rashes or blisters on the site that is to be treated

  • History of cold sores (if so, consult with your physician. Many clients avoid cold sore breakouts by taking a Valtrex cycle prior to their appointment.

  • Allergies to makeup or colors

  • Easily triggered post inflammatory hyper pigmentation

  • Transmittable blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis

  • Active skin cancer in the area to be tattooed

  • Hemophiliac

  • Healing disorders

  • Blood thinners (consult with your physician)

  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure or mitral valve disorder

  • Accutane or steroids (consult with your physician)


What is involved in the healing process?
Does lip blush hurt

Day 1 first visit

During the healing process it is very important to remove the lymph fluid from the surface of the skin in order to avoid heavy scabbing. Before bed, if the lips still have some dry lymph, rinse with lukewarm water, gently removing the dry lymph, pat dry and apply Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Sometimes the lips can bruise even after the procedure. Bruising will subside within 24 hours post procedure. Avoid sun exposure.

Day 2 - 7

The lips may be swollen the second day as well. Please do not ice the lips. Keep the skin moist at all times, do not let the lips dry out. Continue to apply ointment every 30 minutes throughout the day. Again, do NOT let the lips dry out.

During Day 1 to Day 7 (or until the scabs are gone)


Please Avoid:

  • Water (on the PMU area) aside from cleaning them

  • Makeup

  • Excessive sweating

  • Sauna

  • Pools

  • Sunbathing

  • Spicy food

  • Kissing

DO NOT pick the dry lips.

Do not apply anything besides what your skin salon esthetician gives to you.

Don't exfoliate your lips, and don't use anything to lighten them, such as acids in products or sun exposure.

You will have a touchup appointment in several weeks.


How can I book an appointment?


A consultation is required before booking the actual service! You can upload your photo on the imagine you new website, or contact us by phone at 727-729-9069. We can quote you on the lip liner tattoo cost or the full lips.

So now you know what lip blushing is in St. Petersburg Fl. This service is really big in the cosmetic world. it's so natural and subtle and makes every woman feel gorgeous and beautiful.


Lip Blush Tattoo Near Me in Florida - Imagine You New



3 hours


$ 650



45 Minutes


$ 650+

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