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Why Do People Get Areola Tattoos St Petersburg

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

5 Ways to Feel More Whole After a Mastectomy

Areola tattoos in St Petersburg give women the illusion of a nipple.

They are less painful than traditional tattooing and they last for about eight or ten years.

This tattoo can even be a great option for breast cancer survivors who want to feel more "whole"

after a mastectomy.

Read on to learn more about why people get areola tattoos and how they can benefit from this design.

It gives the illusion of a nipple

Among the many benefits of getting an areola tattoo is its realistic appearance.

It can give the illusion of a nipple, while at the same time offering texture, color, and the look of a

nipple. A 3D areola tattoo is a highly detailed and realistic design, which can give a woman a

feeling of self-confidence, even after going through chemotherapy or mastectomy.

Areola tattoos can be a fantastic way to regain the natural beauty of your nipple or

breasts after a mastectomy. It can also give the illusion of protrusion. Whether you are

considering getting an Areola tattoo to make yourself feel more confident or to celebrate

your breast cancer survivor hood, this beautiful design can make you feel more confident

and happier with yourself.

Areola tattoos are a great choice for people who want a tattoo that changes the shape of their nipple without undergoing conventional tattooing.

They're much less painful than traditional tattooing and require a highly trained artist who is able to

blend and feather the ink to create a natural look.

Many women opt for this option because they'd rather not have their nipples resected after having breast cancer surgery.

Areola tattoos in St. Petersburg are less painful than conventional tattooing, but there are

still a few complications to watch out for.

For example, if you're prone to infection, you should seek treatment from a professional

who is trained in this method.

Regular top-ups of these tattoos can have a detrimental effect on your skin.

Repeatedly disrupting delicate skin will result in additional scarring and a poor healing.

After getting an areola tattoo in St Pete, it will take anywhere from 10 to 14 days for the skin to heal.

This time can vary depending on your skin type and the condition of your skin.

The color will fade over time, but you can always go back and have it refreshed if you desire.

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