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Areola Tattoos St Petersburg Tampa

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Areola Tattoos St. Petersburg Tampa -

What You Should Know Before Getting One

Areola tattoos are great alternatives to nipple reconstruction surgery for breast cancer survivors.

They're permanent and look amazing.

They can make women feel more confident about their bodies.

Read on to learn why people choose this tattoo over nipple reconstruction surgery.

This article will explain why areola tattoos St. Petersburg Tampa are popular among breast cancer survivors.

Here's what you should know before getting one.

Areola tattoos can help breast cancer survivors feel comfortable in their bodies after surgery

Areola tattoos are a great way to enhance the appearance of the areola, The breast tissue that was removed during surgery.

While tattooing is not a recommended treatment for cancer patients, it is safe for breast cancer survivors to get the areolas and nipples done.

According to cancer researchers, getting an areola tattoo does not increase the risk.

However, it is advisable to wait until you are done with any treatments to avoid any


After getting an areola tattoo, you should follow the instructions closely to prevent

infection and scabbing.

It is recommended to apply an antibacterial ointment to the pigmented area of your breast.

Besides following the aftercare instructions, you should avoid touching the pigmented area for at least one day to avoid infection.

The tattoo may midly bleed for a few days.

They can be a great alternative to nipple reconstruction surgery

Women who've undergone breast cancer treatment may choose to have an areola tattoo instead of undergoing nipple reconstruction surgery.

This procedure is an effective alternative to surgery, as it will leave no scars and is less invasive than other methods.

A Tattoo artist will work with you to design a tattoo that mimics the areola of your choice.

The tattoo will be shading and color-matched to the patient's skin tone. We can customize colors for you, and also work on any surrounding scars with flesh tone ink.

Areola tattoos are a great alternative to nipples reconstruction surgery, as the tattoos look like natural breast tissue.

These areola tattoos are made to look like a nipple, and experienced tattoo artists can accurately recreate the shape and texture.

Areola tattoos are an excellent alternative to nipple reconstruction surgery for many women.

Areola tattoos are not painful.

Typically, a small amount of swelling is felt during the procedure.

Afterwards, the skin may feel tight, flake, and the ink may appear patchy.

Because areola tattoos are on such a sensitive area, it's important to find an artist in St petersburg, Tampa who has experience working with this type of tattoo.

They are permanent

Areola tattoos are not temporary and can be a wonderful way to change the shape of your nipples.

You can get a new color and shape or just make your current ones look better.

These tattoos are also perfect for women who want to make their breasts look smoother or to cover scarring.

These tattoos will fade over time, depending on your skin tone and metabolism.

It's recommend not to keep touching the area, since the pigment will fade more if you

keep picking it off.

A good way to prevent fading is to avoid applying harsh cleansers to the area for a

while afterward.

Also, don't use glycolic acid or Retin-A on the tattooed area.

These products may cause pigment loss and prematurely fade the tattoo.

areola tattoos st petersburg tampa  3d areola tattoo with protruding nipple
Areola Tattoo St. Petersburg Tampa

Although areola tattoos are relatively safe, there are some risks involved.

Before your appointment, the team at imagine you new should discuss any possible

allergic reactions and risks.

You should not go ahead and get your tattoo before you have completely healed from your surgery or invasive procedure.

Additionally, you should wait at least six months before getting an areola tattoo on your breast, as this time is necessary for scarring, redundancy, and healing.

Your areola tattoo St. Petersburg, Tampa should be your last step in reconstruction and should be done after surgery, if possible.

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