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How Painful is Areola Tattoo in St. Petersburg

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

How painful is an areola tattoo

How painful is an Areola Tattoo?

There is some confusion about how painful areola tattoos really are. While these tattoos are not normally painful, the area does not respond to heat or touch.

This article will explore the process and answer some common questions about these tattoos.

Also, read on to learn about the benefits of areola tattoos.

Listed below are some of them. If you are considering getting one, read this first!

Areola tattoos can be a little painful

The pain of areola tattoos varies depending on the patient. Women who have undergone a mastectomy have lost most of their sensation.

However, women without reconstruction may still experience some discomfort during the procedure.

After applying numbing cream, most people feel only two to three on a scale of one to ten.

The treatment is safe. Your tattoo artist will discuss with you any risks and precautions.

If you have sensitive skin or previous scar tissue, it may cause a reaction,

If you're considering areola tattoos, it's important to choose an experienced medical tattoo artist with extensive experience.

The artist should be licensed to perform areola tattoos and should use high-quality


An areola tattoo is a surgical procedure that reconstructs the nipple appearance after a mastectomy.

A woman who is having this procedure can feel a sense of normalcy again.

Artist Bianca at Imagine You New in St. Petersburg Florida, offers this type of tattooing to women who have undergone breast reconstruction.

The healing time of an areola tattoo varies from person to person and the state of the skin.

The area should not be exposed to water or soap for the first 24 hours.

You can apply antibacterial ointment to the area to prevent it from drying and overs scabbing.

It is also best to avoid touching the ink. If the pigment is exposed to air, it may be affected by the dressing.

They fade with time

Areola tattoos are a great way to add a pop of color.

The good news is that areola tattoos tend to last for 5 years or more.

This type of tattoo is made using cosmetic tattoo ink that should look natural over time.

Depending on the location, the type of ink, and the condition of your skin, some areola tattoos will fade faster than others.

Aside from their cosmetic benefits, areola tattoos also have a broader social significance.

Oftentimes, they are a way for breast cancer survivors to feel comfortable with their bodies.

Often, patients undergo double mastectomy or breast reconstruction surgery to regain their nipples, but an areola tattoo is an excellent alternative that can boost self-confidence and re-establish a sense of normalcy.

They do not increase the risk of cancer reoccurrence

At Imagine You New in St. Petersburg Florida, Areola tattoos are not associated with an increased risk of cancer recurrence.

The tattoos are designed to reshape the nipple, making them an alternative to reconstructive surgery.

Those who have been through breast cancer know how difficult a mastectomy is. The surgery can be traumatic, so tattooing an areola can help these women rebuild their self-esteem.

While tattoos on areolas are safe for cancer survivors, they are not recommended for those undergoing radiation.

Tattoo artists may use a dressing on the tattooed area to prevent infection. The ink should be covered for a day after the treatment to avoid infection.

If you have recently had breast cancer, it is best to avoid getting an areola tattoo while your body is still healing.

They can be done in non-medical settings

Areola tattoos can be done in a medical or non-medical setting. They cost Starts at $700.00 without insurance. The healing time depends on the individual and the health of the skin.

The tattoo will fade over time. You should cover the tattoo for at least a day to avoid infection.

The healing time will vary depending on your body's metabolism and the condition of your skin. Some tattoos fade quickly, while others may take years to fade.

If you are considering getting an areola tattoo, make sure you find a qualified artist at Imagine You New In St. Pete. Areola tattoos are considered permanent, but some patients may notice fading over time.

The pigment deposits beneath the skin's surface and varies with each individual patient.

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