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Nipple Tattoos vs Nipple Reconstruction

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Nipple Tattoos vs Nipple Reconstruction after a mastectomy

If you had a mastectomy and had both or one of your nipples removed you may want to get a 3d nipple tattoo or a have surgery, sometimes you can have both. This is the final step in the breast reconstruction process and most woman would like to feel whole again and have a complete breast with nipples.

Plastic surgeons want patients to wait at least 4 months after breast reconstruction surgery to get the 3d nipple tattoos or have the nipples reconstructed. At Imagine you new in St. Petersburg, Florida, we advise our patients to get the okay from their plastic surgeon.

The breasts need time to heal and also figure out where they want to settle in. The process needs time. The patient should also be sure to make sure they are satisfied with the way there breasts were reconstructed.

Surgeons may offer the nipple reconstruction as part of breast reconstruction surgery . This can result in poor positioning of the new nipples.

Nipple reconstruction surgery uses skin to make a nipple and later the nipple that was reconstructed can be tattooed or color can be added to create a areola.

The main advantage of the nipple reconstruction is it projects out from the breast. The 3d nipple does too, but cant be felt. The disadvantage is the surgery and it flattens over time.

.Nipple reconstruction won’t look and feel like your original nipple. And most women lose sensation in the breast area and nipple after a mastectomy and the surgery of breast reconstruction.

3D nipple tattoos are real tattoos that look realistic. They are applied with needles that insert pigment into the skin. Bianca, an experienced nipple tattoo artist can create an amazingly realistic image of a nipple that looks stunningly gorgeous, realistic and have nipple appearing to proturde out of the skin. Just like a real nipple. Plastic surgeons often recommend 3D nipple tattoos instead of nipple reconstruction surgery. Nipple tattooing can make the nipple reconstruction process look better when done in combination.

The advantages of having the nipple tattoos are there is no surgery , or scars and a faster recovery time. The 3d nipples dont rub on a bra and have more color and more details involved.

Imagine you new in St. Petersburg Florida offers Stunning 3d areola tattoos, like fine art.

Look at some of Bianca's 3d nipple tattooing here


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