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Dark Circles and Scar Camouflage

People with dark circles may have an issue with self confidence. The dark circles can make a person look really tired and also look aged. They can use a concealer or any other makeup to hide the bad visual effect that a dark circle can cause then Dark Circles Camouflage Tattooing/Permanent Concealer (Camuflagem de Olheiras in Portuguese) is the recommended treatment for you.

Dark circles camouflage tattooing/permanent concealer we can make the dark circles under your eyes much lighter and eliminate that tired appearance.

Medical Tattooing is becoming more popular and is making a difference in the medical community and beauty industry. It Changes lives and helps people with their confidence. .

Under eye tattooing that acts a concealer for dark circles is a form of permanent makeup. The treatment is done by a tattoo artist and is much like other permanent makeup procedures. The pigment will be inserted into the skin using a flesh tone ink and a cosmetic tattoo machine. The pigment sits one layer under the skin to acts as a buffer between the source of underlying darkness and the surface of skin.

At Imagine You new in St. Petersburg, Fl we mix our own inks to make a formula that will match your skin tone. The skin ink is done with pigments in the permanent makeup field to make a flesh tone color.

Why is Pigment Used?

Medical tattooing is not like regular tattoos. The molecules in regular tattoo ink are big, and in the micropigmentation ink, the molecules are smaller.

The micro pigmentation is also very safe and not irritating. Over time the smaller molecules in the micro pigment will break down in the body and once the ink is injected into the dermal skin layer, it stays there.

Imagine you new uses the best inks and can perform the dark circle

dark cirlces can be tattooed using flesh toned ink in st petersburg florida, tampa, sarasota, orlando
dark cirlces scar camouflage st petersburg florida

camouflage tattooing treatment at our spa. Contact us in St. Petersburg, Florida for a consultation.

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