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Updated: Dec 7, 2021

What is Scalp Microblading & How it Works?-Imagine You New

Why Scalp Microblading?

Many people struggling with physical insecurities that are long standing can use a boost in confidence. Plastic surgery is not always a good option, especially if your not looking to undergo an invasive procedure.

Some of the invasive procedures include nose jobs, or breast augmentations. With so many alternative treatments available today, one minimally invasive one we offer here at Imagine you New, is our scalp microblading.

You may have probably heard of microblading before.

The microblading industry has become wide spread when it comes to microblading eyebrows. Many woman or men who have either damaged the hair follicles by over waxing or tweezing have taken an interest in the is semi- permanent treatment. Microblading fills in thinning eyebrows that are less shapely, to make them fuller. This is an excellent way of treating hair loss.

Men and women can have a family history of hair loss.

There are many types of hair loss. Hair loss or bald patches can be caused because of hormones, autoimmune disease or telogen effluvium. People lose hair as a side effect from these things that can occur. Stress can also cause hair to fall out, making it difficult when working on regrowing hair.

Here is how microblading works.

Hair like strokes are made with pigments through incisions made with the microblading tool.

This will create a natural hair stroke that can blend seamlessly with the natural hair line and scalp hairs. This can fill is areas where hair is thinning. Scalp micropigmentation can be used to do some shading in areas as well.

This treatment is semi-permanent and a tattoo styled way to mimic natural hairs to mask the thinning hair. The process is done strategically and the outcome looks amazing.

Microblading for hair loss is great for women and men. Women tend to get it more on their temples, front hairline and on the part, whereas men do the crown and temple area.

Hairline microblading is also really popular for receding hairlines.

What to consider when Getting Scalp Microblading?

You want to make sure a proper patch test is done so you know you're not allergic to the pigment. Even though pigments are vegan and plant based, you never know. Also, if you have eczema or psoriasis, the treatment can make the condition worse. Before getting a procedure like this done, I would talk with your dermatologist or healthcare practitioner.


You'll want to take it easy for a couple of days. Try and stay away from places that may not be as clean, like a gym.

Excessive Sweating may cause itching or irritation. After the treatment you will most likely have some inflammation followed by some scabbing days later.

If you're planning on being in the sun, always wear a hat and sunscreen on the area. Your esthetician will give you an aftercare protocol and a explain everything to you in detail.



It really depends on the person. How often a person is washing their hair will cause exfoliation of the cells which will cause pigment to fade. Since the pigment is only embedded so far into the skin, with the exfoliation happening regularly it makes the treatment semi permanent, lasting 18 months to 3 years.

It will most likely take more than just one session to get the desired result, and after your first session your artist will have you come in for a follow up about 8 weeks later to add more detail and color if needed. This can be done in several sessions to allow for a slow build of hair that is natural and makes you feel comfortable wearing.

Avoid the sun and use aftercare given to you by your esthetician after the treatment. Make sure you always put a sunscreen on your scalp and wear hats.

If there's anything else you'd like to know about Scalp Microblading at Imagine you New, You can sign up for a consultation.

We do require photos before speaking with you.

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