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Updated: Dec 7, 2021


What if you get your brows done and you just don't feel right about them.

In this article, I'm going to tell you my secrets to fading your eyebrows quickly even before the ink sets in.

There are many things you can do to get the eyebrow tattoo off the skin.

First, really consider if this is the best option for you..


Did you talk with your permanent makeup artist?

Did they offer any solutions?

Do you not like the shape of your brows?

Do you not like the hair color?

Would you consider a color correction?

Are you worried your brows are too thick?

Do you think your brows don't fit your face?

Remember the darkening of the eyebrows or even loosing pigment is all part of the healing process , and you may want to give them time to heal before taking any action.

Are you unhappy with your microblading results?

Are you positive this is the decision you want?

It's perfectly normal for your brow hairs to appear thick and dark after getting them done.

You'll experience fading in some areas.

This may look like your artist was inexperienced or may not have addressed your concerns.

If, you are patient and wait before your first touch up, you may notice some of the ink return back to normal.



If you are feeling really distressed and not at ease about your brows it may be because the shape is off, or the color is wrong

The brows may not fit your face correctly.

How to fade your brows?

This is reversible, especially if you don't go for the second touch up they would fade in the next 6 to 8 months.

The procedure is semi permanent, only implanting the pigment in the dermal-epidermal parts of the skin.

The skin naturally sloughs off which will create natural fading.

Way to remove microblading from your skin quickly

Be easy on your skin and try not to turn to laser tattoo removal or any deep glycolic acids or deep peels.

Even some removal creams can be to aggressive on the skin and are tough when removing permanent pigment.

You don't want to damage the the skin or the eyebrows.


Depending on your permanent makeup artist, they may have given you a dry or wet method for healing.

Don't do any method and don't risk infection by touching them a lot.

If you feel they need some antiseptic go ahead and put some on.

But dont follow the aftercare.

Just be sure to respect the healing process.

Be sure to sweat and Exercise

Sweat so much that this will draw the pigment out of the skin.

You can run, walk, do cardio, whatever you need to do.

You'll want to be dripping with sweat.

The sweating will allow for the pigment to dissolve from the skin, and get ink off the brows.

Do this 5 days a week! You'll even burn calories in the process.

Skin care treatments ,Microdermabrasion

Getting sessions of microdermabrasion will help to exfoliate and lighten the pigment and get those upper layers of skin off if you want to fade brows.

Each time you do this, the pigment will face.

This advanced exfoliation will also increase cellular turnover and smooth out the skin.

You may need several sessions of microdermabrasion to lighten the pigment.

Even though your artist may be able to get your brows to where you want them to be, it's best to communicate with your artist about your concerns .

See if he or she has any suggestion that would make the situation beneficial for you.

Touch ups are designed for detail work and to make the brows last long.

If you're sure you want to keep fading the brows this would not be a good thing to undergo.

Some other things you can do is sweat in a ir sauna or even use retinol products with exfoliation cleansers to break down the skin.

These are the ways you can fade your eyebrows.

I hope this information can assist you in the process to eyebrow fading.

If you feel that microblading eyebrows is not something you would want again, you can return to brow gel if you have a thinning brow.

Imagine you new in St. Petersburg FL, does the saline method tattoo removal and is here for you if these methods aren't working.

Please feel free to leave comments.

Steps for Eyebrows Microblading Fading - Imagine You New

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