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A BRAZILIAN WAX St Petersburg Fl

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Benefits of Waxing

Getting your bikini area waxed by a licensed Esthetician or Wax Specialist at Imagine You New in St. Pete, Tampa can truly be one of those Thank YOU moments.

In fact, most clients at Imagine You New say the results they get from a professional Brazilian wax in St Petersburg are way better than any other hair removal techniques.

They would rather have waxing then shaving or having laser hair removal or even using the hair removal creams, which can causes skin irritation.

Here are the reasons why the benefits of Brazilian waxing in St Petersburg out way any of the temporary hair removal methods using soft waxes. types of wax using cloth strips for gentle exfoliation on top layer of skin to counter pain for 30 minutes.


Removing unwanted hair will not only leave the pubic hair, hair free, but it will also exfoliate the skin getting off dead skin cells of the layers of skin.

Your waxing treatment will not only renew your skin, but they will also get rid of hair growth getting the hair from the root.


After your waxing appointment in St Petersburg Fl your skin will feel really soft and smooth.

This is because when the wax is applied the wax crinkles to the hair and pulls it directly from the hair follicle so there are no ingrown hair.

This is what we call good hair wax results.


Having regular waxing done and because the hair is pulled directly from the root will make the bikini results last. It will take much longer for the hair to grow back.


The hair along the bikini line and landing strip will grow back much thinner and finer.

Post waxing products in St Petersburg Fl that slow hair growth and keep the area moisturized can make your bikini waxing experience even better.

with the removal of hair.

Minimal irritation so can work on sensitive skin.

Benefits of Bikni or Brazilian Wax - Imagine You New

Many women may find that different waxing styles, and or bikini wax styles become much softer and smoother after waxing.

They won't experience the kind of irritation they may have experienced when using an epilator or hair remover cream .

Because waxing is done by a licensed professional the hair is pulled right from the root and leaves minimal irritation.

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