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Updated: Dec 7, 2021

The Bioslimming body wrap is an innovative treatment that slims, firms, and tones.

The way the wrap works is the active ingredients knows as thermo agents break down fat deposits and cellulite with the heating action from the active ingredients.

The process is called thermogenesis.

The active ingredients are powerful and dramatically decreases cellulite and orange peel skin.

It also helps with that crepy look above the knee area and on the arms.

The wrap makes your skin soft and smooth, you'll be addicted to the way you feel.

Woman will most likely get cellulite by 67, but you can get cellulite at any age.

It also illuminates the appearance of varicose veins a spider veins and stretch marks.

The way to think of it is is to think of your fat cell the size of a grape and wanting to break it down to a raisin.

Each time you do a treatment the heat will liquify the fat cell in the body for weight loss, inch loss and long lasting results.

The process will also stimulate the lymphatic system which will give you a lot of energy and detox the body.

The wrap continues to working for 12 hours after the treatment and you will still be burning calories.

You can burn up to 200 calories per wrap and not have to do a single thing but relax.

It's really important to drink a lot of water following the treatments.

Water is essential to this treatment because it helps flush everything out of the body.

The recommendations for how many wraps to do varies per client.

Typically, anywhere from 10 to 12 is where clients get the best results.

And doing the wraps twice a week when just starting the treatments tends to work best.

Clients love this procedure so much, they often do another series of wraps for maintenance purposes.

You will lose inches weeks and sometimes months after completing the series of treatments.

The wrap does not focus on water weight like most wraps do.

This is not like a seaweed wrap or a typical body wrap.

This wrap is new innovative technology that's won several awards for its result based formulas.

The difference between bioslimming and other wraps, is that with bioslim, one treatment targets your whole body.

Other body contouring treatments target one specific area.

Bioslimming bodywraps are a permanent slimming wrap to enhance weight loss.

Once the fat is broken down it's permanent unless you put more fat into your body.

This is why we recommend a healthy diet and exercise program in combination with the wrap.

You will loose inches and the slimming body wrap will assist you to lose weight.

This body wrap for inch loss will also work quickly.

Many women feel the results after the first wrap.

They say they feel lighter and slimmer and the heavy leg syndrome has gone away.

They also feel like their bloating has gone away if that's what they are experiencing.

All the ingredients in bioslim are paraben free and made with plant extracts and aromatherapy.

What is the Bioslimming Body Wrap? - Imagine You New

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