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Areola Restoration Procedure in St. Petersburg, Florida

The Areola Restoration Procedure is a cutting-edge permanent makeup method designed to address issues related to nipple color, size, and shape. It is typically the final step in the journey for individuals who have undergone significant breast-related surgeries like breast reduction, mastectomies, breast reconstruction, or breast implants. These surgeries can often result in imperfections in the areola or even the complete removal of the nipple. This procedure empowers both women and men with the ability to select the shape, size, and color of their areola while recreating natural and symmetrical-looking nipples. For those who have undergone nipple removal surgeries, this procedure utilizes pigments and tints to create the illusion of nipple protrusion and a lifelike areola on a breast mound without the need for additional surgery. It can achieve a closer color match on a grafted areola, restore symmetry, and diminish the appearance of circular scars. Additionally, this procedure is beneficial for clients who have irregular or fading areolas or desire larger areolas after breast augmentation. It is also available to men seeking to enhance the appearance of their areolas due to fading or to increase their size. Choosing the appropriate color for the Areola Restoration Procedure is a critical step, akin to an artistic endeavor. It necessitates a discerning eye that blends proper technique with years of hands-on experience. Skin tones unique to each individual are carefully assessed, as are the natural pigmentations of their existing areolas. Over the weeks following the procedure, the color will naturally lighten and soften as the skin heals over the pigmented area. The Areola Procedure takes place in a sterile surgical environment at our St. Petersburg, Florida location. Ensuring our clients' comfort and safety is always our top priority. Each procedure commences with a thorough consultation aimed at understanding the individual's goals and assessing their current condition. In cases where breast surgery or reconstruction has been performed, we closely evaluate existing scars to ensure they have matured sufficiently before applying pigmentation. This step is crucial in reducing the risk of infection and enhancing color retention. It is also advisable for each patient to consult with their surgeon to determine their readiness for this procedure. Once the patient is prepared for the pigment application, the area is numbed with anesthetic cream to maximize comfort. For patients with heightened pain sensitivity, our on-site doctor can administer higher levels of anesthesia. After the pigment is applied, the primary healing period may last 5-7 days, with the most discomfort experienced in the initial 24 hours. Patients may also experience ongoing flaking and tightness in the skin for 2-3 weeks. Each patient receives detailed aftercare instructions to ensure the best possible healing results. So, if you're new to St. Petersburg, Florida, and considering this procedure, rest assured that our experienced team is here to guide you through the process with utmost care and professionalism.

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