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Why You Should Micro Needle Scars

Micro needling is an innovative technique that helps reduce the appearance of scars caused by acne, sun damage, surgery and other injuries. It involves using a small handheld device called a derma-roller which contains numerous tiny needles to puncture the skin surface and create tiny channels in the epidermis layer of the skin. This process triggers your body’s natural healing response, increasing circulation and stimulating new cell growth.

By creating microscopic pathways through the outermost layers of your skin, this process helps increase collagen production and encourages elastin formation for firmer, smoother and more even skin. It also increases the absorption of topical products so that nourishing ingredients can be better absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin. This helps to reduce inflammation and redness while improving tone, texture and overall appearance.

Micro needling at Imagine You New in St. Pete is a great option for those looking to improve the overall look of their scars without resorting to surgery or other invasive procedures. Not only is it safe and effective but it’s also relatively inexpensive compared to other treatments like laser therapy or chemical peels. Plus, there’s no downtime associated with micro needling which makes it ideal for people who don't have time for extended recovery periods.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of scars, micro needling is an excellent option. At Imagine You New in St. Petersburg Florida, with regular treatments, you can enjoy smoother and more even skin while feeling confident in your own skin. Take the first steps towards a new version of you today by trying out micro needling!

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