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What to know about Scar Tattooing In Tampa, St Pete Fl.

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Scars are a reminder of our experiences in our past. Many scars have had a huge impact on our lives. Most of these impacts may have been a reminder of a negative experience that happened in our lives. In Tampa, St Petersburg many want to get rid of these reminders. this is works of art.

Getting rid of a scar completely can be extremely difficult. With scar tattooing in Tampa on a scarred area the artist will be able to conceal the scar to make it better blend with your skin.

In the following paragraphs we will describe how tattoos over scars are done. At Imagine You New in Tamps, St. Petersburg, Florida, an experienced tattoo artist will explain how some scars can be completely covered and in some cases how scars can be camouflaged in with the skin.

1. Why Would Someone Want To Tattoo Their Scars.

Many People want to tattoo the scarred area to make their scar completely invincible. If the person has a scar in an area that's visible, then doing the scar camouflaged tattoo in Tampa can be a life changing solution and bring attention away from the scar. This method is better than tattoo removal procedure.

A scar-covering tattoo in Tampa hides the imperfection and can bring back the persons confidence that may have been lost in a traumatic experience. Not only do people tattoo over scarred areas, but they also like to get their stretch marks tattooed.

Some stretch marks or scars cant be tattooed because the process itself can leave scarring and can make the skin tone coloring lose its pigment. Scar tattooing in Tampa, St. Pete, has been a proven method that many find effective in the reduction of the visibility of these areas. Tattooing has proven effective in reducing or covering the visibility and effects of scars and stretch marks. tattoo design, people choose, harm scars, good idea

Scar-covering in Tampa is a complex process, beyond simple art décor on the body . The permanent makeup procedure requires a lot of assessment and many factors play a role deciding if the scarred skin or stretch marks are worth the risk of doing the tattooing.

Does Scar Tattoo Hurt?

If you're someone who has been tattooed in the past it may not hurt at all. Every person is different in the way they tolerate pain. The healing process is tolerable.

But, overall, when tattooing is used to cover scars it can hurt if it's on a sensitive part of the skin. At Imagine You New, we used special needles to buff in the ink to hold ink. We also do multiple session to make it blend well with a person skin.

It is also believed that deeper and bigger scars hurt the most, especially if they are located in places where the nerve damage is pretty serious. Surgery scars can be very painful, that's why it's important to make sure it's completely healed and the skin is healthy. Smaller and more superficial scars don’t hurt as much because the skin is flat and the nerve damage is little.

3. Are Scar Covering Tattoos Hard To Achieve? tampa fl

The scar needs to be properly examined by a tattoo artist to see if complications can be avoided.

Here are the different types of scars.

  • Hypertrophic scars – A superficial injury usually caused by burns. . They are usually thicker, red, and elevated above the skin surface. These scars heal after a year. These scars shouldn't hurt when tattooed over. There may be some irritation, but with proper aftercare the scar tissue will be protected.

  • Keloid scars – these scars occur after a serious injury. They’re fully healed after 3 to 5 years, and only then can they be tattooed. These scars are thick and red and often have an irregular shape. If a keloid scar is tattooed before it is fully healed, it can lead to serious irritation making the area raised and inflamed.

The keloid scars can be the most difficult to cover because them being bigger.

  • Atrophic scars – Located under the skin and feel soft. Examples would be stretch marks, deep cut, acne scars, burns, or a surgical procedure that was minor. They occur as stretch marks, or as scars after a burn, deep cut, or simple surgical procedures. Atrophic scars are easy to tattoo.

  • Amputation/skin-removal scars – these scars appear as a result of a body part being removed. After the scars heal, the skin is rather smooth and very easy to get tattooed. However, these parts of the body can have serious nerve damage, so they might be too sensitive to be tattooed. Not to mention that it can be really painful to get a tattoo on skin-removal scars.

How is Scar Camouflage in Tampa done?

These skin-colored tattoos can also be called corrective tattoo camouflage. Pigments are blended together to match your skin tone. These tattoos are done using the pointillism technique where skin-colored ink is tattooed into the scar tissue to correct the pigmentation.

Corrective pigmentation scar tattoos in Tampa are best in cases of stretch marks, burn scars, and pigmentation disorders.

The skin coloring pigmented tattoos should be done by a tattoo artist who focuses on permanent cosmetics. Such tattooing procedures are often available at plastic surgery centers or offices.

6. Who Should NOT Get A Scar-Covering Tattoo in Tampa?
  • People with fresh scars – . Many people want their scar tattooed right away. Many people who get laser tattoo removal or tattoo removal treatment, want that layer of skin covered immediately. This should not be done do to a scar reopening that can lead to infection.

  • People with sunburn – Wait until your skin has healed from the sunburn damage, and consult a tattoo artist about the possibility of a tattoo.

  • People with a low immune system – If your immune system is low, your tattoo will have a hard time healing, and it might take longer to heal than usual. This can lead to a number of complications or even an infection.

Scar camouflage is a service done at Imagine You New in St. Petersburg, Tampa Florida. If you'd like a consultation, please upload your scar photo on the website and we will get back to you, soon.

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