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What to do after breast reconstruction?

Following breast reconstruction, areola tattooing can be a significant step in recreating and matching the natural color of the areola. This procedure holds immense importance for women who have undergone mastectomy or breast cancer treatment, which resulted in the loss of one or both nipples. It plays a pivotal role in helping these women regain a sense of femininity. At your consultation with us at Imagine You New, we encourage you to openly discuss your objectives for nipple-areolar tattooing. Additionally, we may kindly request that you provide photos displaying the previous appearance of your nipple(s). During this consultation, our skilled makeup tattooist, Bianca, will comprehensively explain the process of areolar tattooing and guide you on post-procedure skin care. The methodology closely resembles that of a traditional tattoo. A small handpiece, equipped with pigment, is gently placed on the surface of your skin. As it moves over your skin, the tattooist will precisely inject small amounts of micropigment beneath the surface. Following the procedure, a surgical dressing will be applied to cover the tattoo site. You may experience some temporary redness and minor swelling around the treated area. Initially, the pigment may appear darker than expected, but it will naturally fade over time. Permanent Makeup Permanent makeup is achievable through a procedure known as micropigmentation, wherein organic pigment is embedded beneath the skin to establish enduring color. This treatment can enhance the definition of your eyes, eyebrows, and lips. It can also create a lasting impression of blush and eye shadow. The procedure entails the use of a handheld device that delicately punctures the skin hundreds of times per minute with an ultra-thin needle, effectively depositing the pigment into the desired location.

what to do after breast reconstruction surgery

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