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Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo Cost St Petersburg Fl

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

How much does stretch mark camouflage cost St Petersburg Fl

Its really important to start with a consultation because many things play a role in determining the cost of stretch mark camouflage.

Some of the factors we consider at imagine you new, is the size of the area, how many stretch marks there are, if you need some scar revision using rf micro needling or the inkless stretch mark camouflage method and if the stretch marks are really ridged.

The consultation can be done, by sending pictures through our website, phone calls or in person. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

The cost of the treatment averages from $350 for a small section to about $1,500.00 for a bigger section. Also, we dont charge per session her at imagine you new. If its a big section and we charge $1500.00 then all the other sessions needed are included until the work is satisfactory. .

Many things come in play when it comes to pricing

Size of the area - Is this a small scar stretch mark area on the arm or is this a large area on the buttocks. Is there a lot of them or are there just a couple.

Are your stretch marks lighter than your skin tone, or not. If not we will have to lighten up the pigmentation before starting.

Hyperpigmentation is when the scarring has darkened and the skin is darker than your regular skin tone, there for by doing an inkless tattooing method first we can break down the first layers of skin and insert vitamins and peptides in the skin to rejuvenate and repair the skin so it can heal back to the natural skin tone.

using flesh tone inks to insert micropigmentation in the skin to camouflage with stretch marks
stretch mark camouflage tattoo

It may seem as if the stretch mark camouflage procedure may be pricey but when your looking for long term beautiful results that last, stretch mark camouflage in St. Petersburg florida is the way to go.

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