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Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Traditional Chinese medicine has become very popular the last 25 years.

In St Pete, clearwater and downtown St. Petersburg FL, we have seen a growing number of medical acupuncture practitioners, practicing skin care and esthetics treatments.

A board certified acupuncturists or board certified physician, use a technique called acupuncture facial or facial rejuvenation treatment.

Acupuncturist say it works on all body systems and bringing blood flow to the skin helps with aging skin.

We all know bloods is healing, but acupuncturists think the facial treatment is like a Botox treatment or face lift.

They also say that the treatment builds collagen, and tightens the skins pores.

They claim the treatments fills out the skins wrinkles and fine lines. Maybe?

It's unclear as to how facial acupuncture works.

I like the natural approach.

Being in the world of skincare has shown me there's a lot more to be known to make the treatment safe and effective.

In order to build collagen and tighten the skin, we must create some trauma to the skin.

We can create trauma to the skin by opening up channels in the skin.


In a licensed esthetician practice, he or she knows that opening up the skin using microneedling, channeling, or mesotherapy can achieve this.

This will enable the fibroblasts to receive food. When the fibroblast receive food the collagen loss can be reversed.

This can help to build collagen.

Because skin care specialists study ingredients and delivery systems, they can carefully mix an exclusive skin care serum.

These high quality serums are only available to licensed individuals in the industry.

They are not available to acupuncturists.

Another way to tighten the skin or lift a natural way, is to focus on the fascia through face massage.

Facial massage moves the fascia around.

A jade roller will get the blood circulating.

Both of these modalities will bring blood to the surface of the skin, and will also help mold the fascia and provide excellent lymphatic drainage.

The Esthetics world has seen a growing amount of many acupuncturist practicing other beauty treatments as well.

These include, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, hydra spa facials, and even IPL facials treatments!

I thought, acupuncturists were primarily focused on the wellbeing of the individual, health care and patient care.

It's unknown as to why some acupuncture physicians are practicing skin care without a license.

Every state has different licensing requirements, so it's important to know who's working on your skin.

If you are an esthetician who has worked hard for their license or a client who wants to know if your acupuncturist, sometimes call board certified physician is licensed by the Dbpr for both their establishment license and their facial specialist license, it's important to find out.

Here are some organizations that can find out information on that.

Are Licensed Acupuncturists Doing Skin care Treatments?

Places to Contact

National certification commission

Certification commission for Acupuncture

Board of Medical specialties

American board of medical

Board Certification

Schools with words such as acupuncture and oriental medicine

There may be others, depending on where you live.

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