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Can I get Microblading While Pregnant Or Breast Feeding?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021


Moms (and moms-to-be) are very busy and try to make things a bit more manageable. The first years of motherhood can be so precious and trying to take care of everything can leave a mom feeling like she can't keep up with her self care program. .

Permanent makeup and microblading has become so popular among young mothers because of this. It makes you feel beautiful when you wake up, and having microbladed eyebrows fully done and ready in the morning cuts out a lot of time in your daily self care routine. But, the question is, should you get permanent makeup if you’re pregnant or even breastfeeding?

Permanent makeup is a form of tattoo, often called microblading, Ombre brow, or powder brows. When you are pregnant, many experts for many reasons say that you should avoid microblading. Permanent makeup artists will most likely turn you away if you're pregnant because there can be many risks and complications that can happen during the procedure or after the procedure. Premature labor can even occur, and that would be horrible, just because you wanted to get your eyebrows microbladed.

You could get an allergic reaction, if your new to inking. When getting eyebrows tattooed you could be on your back anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. This would not be easy or comfortable for you. Although, all inks are organic and vegan, we still want to take precautions.

You don't want to risk anything with the fetus if you're new to inking. The pregnancy is a critical time for the development of the baby. It's very important to take all of these measures very seriously when deciding to get microblading or permanent makeup. It can seriously, wait.

Your baby is your number one priority , so it['s important to know all the risks when breast feeding. Chances can be slim but you could be that person following your cosmetic tattoo procedures.  We don't want any additional stressors added to your new busy lifestyle, like transferring an infection through breast milk. Avoiding any cosmetic procedures that can be a little invasive is a good thing to do.

Can I get Microblading While Pregnant? - Imagine You New


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