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Getting Your Areola Tattooed After A Mastectcomy.

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Getting Your Areola Tattooed After a Mastectomy in St. Petersburg

After undergoing a mastectomy, you can get a tattoo of your nipple and areola.

This article will discuss the process of getting inked on the areola, the healing time required, and the cost of a tattoo.

You will also learn about the risks associated with tattooing the areola after a mastectomy.

Tattoo artists at Imagine You New in St. Petersburg Florida can create photorealistic 3D nipples after a mastectomy.

The procedure can take one to two hours. Tattoo artists will discuss your preferences for the size and shape of your new nipple with you. The Medical Tattoo artist will go over color matching with you as well. It should take between seven and 10 days for the tattoo to heal completely.

You should also avoid swimming in chlorinated pools and hot tubs for the first two to three weeks following your nipple tattoo procedure.

Afterward, it's important to make sure that the tattoo looks natural.

Getting a nipple-area tattoo after a mastectomy requires a certain level of skill and versatility.

First, the tattoo artist will create a temporary drawing of the reconstructed nipple and areola.

Once you've agreed on the look and location, your artist in St. Petersburg will start the tattoo process.

The healing process is similar to other tattoos, but much shorter than a surgical reconstruction.

The tattoo will also require a clear bandage for the first week to allow for the scar tissue to heal properly.

Healing time

Areola tattoos take a few weeks to heal, so be sure to ask your tattoo artist for a specific timeframe for this procedure.

You also want to know what to expect during this time, including any aftercare instructions.

The healing process may include swelling, redness, and a tight feeling.

Your doctor can also provide additional guidance.

While areola tattoos are typically safe, and aren't suitable for those with sensitive skin or a history of infections.

After breast cancer surgery, a woman may be able to have an areola tattoo to recreate the shape and appearance of her nipples.

Getting an areola tattoo may be the best option for these women, as it can give them a sense of normalcy after a mastectomy.

It may also be a great way to boost your confidence after undergoing surgery for breast cancer.

Healing time for Areola tattoos is different for each person and depends on the type of skin.

It will take 14 to 21 days for the ink to fully settle, depending on the candidate's habits and skin type.

The color of your tattoo will fade over the next four to six weeks.


There are a few factors that will determine the cost of your tattoo. Some permanent makeup artists charge a flat rate for the initial areola tattoo, while others can have you bill your insurance for repeated applications.

The cost of getting your Areola tattoo depends on several factors, including where you live and how experienced the artist is.

The more experienced the technician, the higher the price.

Most technicians don't disclose their prices on their websites, but they may charge by the hour.

Check to see what the technician's price range is before you decide where to get your tattoo.

A single areola tattoo can cost anywhere from $300 to $375, depending on the artist. If you go to a tattoo artist who is located in a far-off town, your cost may be higher. An Areola tattoo in St. Petersburg fl, Tampa Bay area, is a very specialized procedure and requires extensive training and patience.

Getting Your Areola Tattooed After A mastectomy
Areola Tattoo St Petersburg

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