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Brazilian After Wax Care

Updated: Feb 20

How to treat your skin after a Brazilian Wax

Post Wax Waxing Care

1. What to put on skin after waxing- if you didn't get your wax at Imagine You New, you can use a Neosporin antibiotic cream at night after your Brazilian. If you did get your Brazilian at our skin spa in St Petersburg Fl at Imagine You New, you can use our aftercare products that will help prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps around the bikini line. 48 hours

You need to feel safe.

If this is your first time getting a Brazilian waxing in St Petersburg Fl, or any hair removal methods its important to know post wax care in order to prevent any irritation, reduce inflammation, and to exfoliate the bikini area properly. Its also recommended to not wear underwear at night, after your wax due to it rubbing against your skin and to wear loose clothing to reduce irritation an any red bumps.

Always check the ingredients for the homecare or skin solution, and make sure you're not Allergic to anything.

Some common products people are using that need to be checked for allergies are tend skin, bump free, witch hazel, essential oil or Neosporin.

Bikini Wax aftercare is very important to prevent any red bumps after a brazilian wax in St Petersburg Fl.

Should I exfoliate before waxing

2. How to exfoliate after brazilian wax- Exfoliate bikini area of your skin 3 days after your procedure preferably with sugar scrub or gentle exfoliants. Waiting at least 3 days, will help reduce irritation. Exfoliating after waxing will help prevent ingrown hair after a waxing, and bumps after waxing. Also, you may want to continue wearing loose clothing for the next couple days.

Prevent Ingrown hair/ Remove dead skin - You can do this every other day to remove build up of dead skin cells that can clog the pores and trap hairs under skin causing it to become ingrown.

You can do this the first week, after that It's important to not over exfoliate.

Over exfoliating can cause the hair follicle to be positioned incorrectly to were the hair grows into the skin.

Post brazilian wax care includes Exfoliating pads, loofahs, and mild scrubs works well. I wouldn't use a sea salt scrub because that would be to harsh and will also cause stinging. use antibiotic ointment 2-3 days after.

For more post care, look for cleansers that contain Salicylic Acid.

Remember , exfoliating everyday can cause dryness and may make the hair growth become uncomfortable. Also, it wont feel good if your sensitive.

After the Treatment is Done- Brazilian wax aftercare

3. Keep your skin moist and soft. Start using a moisturizer everyday and wearing loose clothing is important. razor burns, waxed areas, body scrub, waxed skin, close shave, freshly waxed skin.

What to apply after waxing-I prefer using a b5 serum or a light moisturizer. You dont want to clog the pores with a thick cream, and the softness of the hair growth allow the hairs to grow out smoothly. Some people use powder a day after the bikini or Brazilian procedure. You don't want to do this right after because you dont want to clog pores, and you'll need time for the area to heal. If You have inflammation, don't use a warm compress, use an ice pack. Don't use chemical exfoliants.

4. If you're having ingrown hairs, or bumps after your Brazilian wax, before putting on moisturizer, treat it with Aloe Vera gel, Tend Skin or Bump free or tea tree oil for two weeks on the affected area/s.

How to get rid of wax bumps - If you see white bumps , there could be a mild infection.

Do not use it more than what is advised to prevent sensitivity, since these have alcohol in them that can dry you out. shaving cream

5. If you tend to be sensitive when done with the Brazilian/bikini, please get yourself a cool shower or cool/cold compress and apply either Aloe Vera gel, Tend Skin, Bump Free or other treatment products. You could even decide between aloe vs Neosporin Avoid tight clothing for a day to prevent irritation. If you don't know how to use tend skin, there are clear instructions on the back of the bottle.

6. Can You Shower After Waxing- Stay away from pools showers and the beach for a good 24 hours.

This can irritate the bikini area. Heavy exercising is not advised and can cause itching and redness.

Only use clean running water after the procedure. St Petersburg Fl Waxing

7. For Sensitive skin- You can take an Advil or some kind of pain reliever if you're sensitive or feel soar after the Brazilian/bikini.

It's normal to feel sore after your Brazilian in St Petersburg especially if its your first time.

8. A good bikini wax after care and Brazilian wax in St. Petersburg after care to is using Tend skin, Bump Free, or other related products, If your spa does not provide anything for you.

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