Remove excess body hair and uncover silky smooth skin while staying hair free longer than other treatment methods. We offer head-to-toe treatment options for women, men and teens.

Cirepil, known the world over as one of the finest depilatory wax groups ever made, is produced by the same company that makes the world’s finest candles (Rigot). With over 62% of the French market alone, Cirepil stands out as an international leader in this ever competitive industry because of the unique characteristics that make these products user friendly and client comfortable.

Where else can you find:
• Waxes that are applied at or just above skin temperatures (often 20-30 degrees below most waxes on the market)?
• Waxes containing such fine anti-irritants as Titanium Dioxide and Jojoba?
• Waxes with a soft creamy comfortable textures?
• Waxes that are non-sticky and in some cases water soluble?

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