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Areola Re Coloration

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Areola Re Coloration St Petersburg, Tampa Fl - Is This an Alternative to Areola Tattooing?

If you're wondering, "What is areola re coloration?" or "Is this an alternative to areola tattooing?" then this article is for you. This procedure uses pigments that mimic flesh color to restore the look of the areola. It's a less invasive process than skin-grafting, which was the standard method for decades. Because areola pigmentation is a delicate procedure, it typically requires several appointments.

Areola recoloration is a cosmetic procedure that restores the pigment to the areola. It is performed using a specialized technique known as 3D areola pigmentation. This method is particularly sophisticated and requires a highly skilled application process. The different techniques used may be used individually or in combination to achieve the desired outcome. The technique may be used on one or both sides, depending on the patient's skin type and desired outcome.

Areola micropigmentation

Areola micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that uses pigment to improve the look of the areola. Typically, this treatment lasts between 20 minutes and one and a half hours. During the procedure, a Specialized tattoo artist will access the area to be treated and discuss the process with you. The pigment color is then customized for your areola.

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