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Hairline microblading is the best permanent makeup service there is to offer.


A woman scalp microblading is like eyebrow microblading except it goes on the hair line. It is great for women hair loss, and men hair loss. The pigment is placed in the dermis which is the first layer of skin.


It is a temporary tattooing procedure where as a permeant tattoo is put deeper down into the epidermis.


It is such a break through procedure because it creates hair like strokes in areas of thinning hair, or where bald spots occur.


Depending on the type of hair loss some of the hair loss solution may involve microblading with scalp pigmentation to blend in the areas and make them look very natural.


The procedure is done in our permanent makeup clinic. To find a procedure like this online, you can type in hairline microblading near me to research the industry.



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When microblading a bald spot and creating the hair strokes combined with scalp micropigmentation and shading on the treatment area can be way better then a hair transplant . Microblading shading looks really good on a bald area.

The procedure will not inhibit your hair growth but also will not make the hair grow either.


Its superficial enough to where it wont damage the hair follicle.


The results can be very dramatic especially after the second session, we will then do a perfecting session which will include the hairline, temples and the split.

A hairline tattoo female will see no difference between her real hair and the tattooed scalp if it's blended nicely and shaded.

Who should get scalp microblading?

If you have any skin conditions I would talk with your doctor before getting the procedure. Some conditions may be psoriasis or even eczema.

The treatment is best for people with existing hair, like a woman with hair loss that needs some spaces filled in.

The scalp micropigmentation treatment and permanent makeup microblading will artfully blend the strokes with your natural hair.

Microblading scalp for balding is not recommended if the person is completely bald.

If you have extra oily skin, the treatment may be very smudgy when it heals, so its not recommended.

What's the recovery process like?

The only downtime is that you cant wash your hair for a week. You should not have any side effects. You'll want the ink to dry, and you will also see the ink get darker. Since the treatment is semi permanent this will eventually fade, depending on your metabolism.

To make sure the healing process goes well, its important to use the aftercare products given to you by your esthetician. Also, using a sunscreen that is water resistant is important. This will also help with the ink from fading.


How long do results last?

The results can last up to two years, but also depends on how much you wash your hair and the sun exposure. I recommend wearing a hat especially if you have alopecia areata or a much clearer surface on the head.

How much does it cost?

The scalp microblading cost and the microblading hairline cost can range anywhere from 700 to 1200 dollars.

When getting a Florida St. Petersburg Tattoo, Hairline ink prices can also depend on how big the area is and how much work will be required to do the procedure.


Microblading Tampa prices are very similar to St. Petersburg microblading costs. Even if your were to choose the best tattoo artist in St. Petersburg fl, the pricing is similar.


It just depends on the areas and the sessions. If you are experiencing female pattern hair loss, you can be expect to have more areas to be treated. During a proper consultation we can go over cost. Also, we recommend sending pictures to Imagine you new email address to get a consultation with our tattoo artist.

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